How to Style a Crop Top for Every Body Type

1) Curvy: A-line skirts are great to pair with a structured top but don’t be afraid to show off your curves in a bodycon skirt like model Ashley Graham. High-waisted skirts and patterns that compliment your shape will be your crop top’s best friend!

2) Small Chested:  Try a sweetheart or cut-out crop top paired with a midi/maxi skirt.

3) Large Bust: Toss out those cheap tops. Finding a crop top that will support your bust is necessary so invest in one that has structure and support! Loose-fitting half tops also work really well because you can wear your own bra underneath.

4) Long and Lean: The further apart the pieces are, the longer your body will seem, so keep your top and bottom close together if you’re looking to minimize the length of your torso.

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What’s Trending: Marble Accessories



Look no further than your kitchen countertops to find April’s hottest trend: marble. With everything from phone cases to DIY projects embracing the print, it’s hard not to catch on to this popular trend. Here’s four marble accessories to incorporate into your wardrobe:


1) White Marble Phone Case, $35
2) Quay Australia High Emotion Sunglasses, $63
3) Varley Margot Crop Top – Marble, $64
4) Robert Rose Stone Half Moon Pendant Necklace, $11

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3 One of a Kind Accessories for Spring

1) Hair-Tie Bracelet

I either have a hair tie or I don’t and when I do, it’s always worn tightly around my wrist and screaming “look at me” in all of my pictures. Now you can be prepared to pull your hair back while looking put together. BitterSweet makes sleek hair tie bracelets out of stainless steel. Slip the bracelet on, then the elastic over to rest in the groove.

2) Compact Mirror/ USB Charger

This product from Hyper has beauty and brains! This small disk doubles as a compact mirror and USB charger. For only $29 each, we are buying one in every color for every purse, of course!

3) WellBe Mindfulness Bracelet

The WellBe bracelet is synced to an app that keeps track of your heart rate and location to find out what your stress triggers are. You’ll then receive personalized stress reducing programs such as meditation and focused breathing to help you retain a calm state of being. If you’re looking to manage your stress and overall wellbeing, this bracelet is for you!

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Spring Awakening: 8 Natural Energy Boosters

Spring has arrived – YAY! We are excited for colorful outfits, longer days and warm-weather getaways. What we’re not so excited about is the lack of energy spring brings due to daylight savings and seasonal allergies which can leave you feeling exhausted.

We’ve come up with eight tips to boost your energy naturally this spring, check them out:

1) Add a boost of citrus to your water

Spring Awakening: 8 Natural Energy Boosters

Have you ever been to the spa and had some refreshing “spa water” that you couldn’t stop drinking? Make your own at home by adding some lemon or orange slices to give your water a fresh spruce. You can even get creative and add herbs like mint and basil too! Drinking more water will give you a natural boost of energy while the Vitamin C will help your immune system fight off flu season!

2) Feel the sun on your skin

Spring Awakening: 8 Natural Energy Boosters

It’s recommended that we get at least 30 minutes of sunshine a day. The sun energizes and elevates our mood. So get outside and enjoy the sun beams and don’t forget to wear your sunscreen!

3) Surround yourself with positive friends

Spring Awakening: 8 Natural Energy Boosters

We all know that one friend who is the Grump Cat of the group. Studies show that people’s attitudes can rub off on one another so just like cleaning your spring wardrobe, it might be time to clean out your friends who are negative about everything. Be sure you’re surrounding yourself with positive, high-energy personalities. Need a new friend? Try Bumble BFF, an app that matches you with someone in your area with similar hobbies and interests!

4) Laugh out loud

Spring Awakening: 8 Natural Energy Boosters

Just like laughing can reduce stress, it can also spike your energy levels. Go see a comedy or hangout with someone who makes you LOL.

5) Incorporate healthy fats into your diet

Spring Awakening: 8 Natural Energy Boosters

If you’re having an afternoon slump, incorporate avocados, nuts, olive oil and nut butters into your diet. These healthy fats will help fuel your body throughout the day. Make these easy energy peanut balls on Sunday to munch on throughout the week!

6) Exercise to increase energy

Spring Awakening: 8 Natural Energy Boosters

This one is a no-brainer! Exercise definitely gives you energy. Take a walk or sign-up for a new workout class, either way, you will feel 10x more energized than if you had just Netflixed and chilled.

7) Change your posture

Spring Awakening: 8 Natural Energy Boosters

If you’ve been sitting in your office chair all day, you might have a tendency to slump. Sitting up straight to change your posture can immediately give you more energy.

8) Essential oils

Spring Awakening: 8 Natural Energy Boosters

Add a couple drops of doTERRA essential oils in conjunction with coconut oil to your wrists next time your energy levels are low. Scents like lemon, cinnamon and peppermint will bump up your bliss.

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Are Shoulders the New Cleavage?

Are Shoulders the New Cleavage?
If there’s one trend you should buy for spring (besides a Cleavitz) it would have to be the cutout drop shoulder that’s been trending everywhere lately. What’s great about this trend is that for once women are showing off a different body part other than cleavage.

Are Shoulders the New Cleavage?The cutout drop shoulder was seen on the Spring/Summer ’16 NYFW runways and is now making its way to retailers near you! You can find this trend in tops, dresses and even rompers.

Are Shoulders the New Cleavage?

(Floral Romper // US Trendy // $39.99)

We love this new trend because it covers you up in all the right places while leaving a touch to the imagination. For women who want to cover up and still look sexy, this trend is totally for you! It’s not all about showing your cleavage off these days, ladies, shoulders are the new cleavage!

Are Shoulders the New Cleavage?

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Spring Preview: 5 Accessory Trends to Start Wearing Now

If you want to keep up with spring’s hottest trends, you have to be ahead of the game! Spring 2016 goes above and beyond minimalist style. If you’re into chunky, bold, out-of-this world accessories, this is your year! Below we showcase our favorite spring 2016 accessories so you can start wearing them today:

1) If the Tiara Fits…

Spring Preview: 5 Accessory Trends to Start Wearing Now

…Then you might as well wear one! Look for bedazzled, metallic tiaras to make bold headpiece statements this spring.

2) Shoulder Dusters

Spring Preview: 5 Accessory Trends to Start Wearing Now

Earrings that come in all shapes, sizes and colors that just barely touch the shoulders are going to be huge this season.

3) Chunky Sandals

Spring Preview: 5 Accessory Trends to Start Wearing Now

Chunky sandals are going to be in this year whether you like them or not. Think high-platform Birkenstocks with socks oh yeah, and lights.

4) Chokers

Spring Preview: 5 Accessory Trends to Start Wearing Now

Look out for intricate details and sculptural designs on this year’s favorite necklace, the choker.

5) Cell Phone Cases

Spring Preview: 5 Accessory Trends to Start Wearing Now

Cell phone cases are going to be all the rage this year! Big enough to hold your phone, keys, credit cards and maybe a lip gloss but small enough so that you don’t have to lug around a huge satchel. This is our favorite accessory of the year!

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6 Bras Every Woman Should Have in her Lingerie Drawer

6 Bras Every Woman Should Have in her Lingerie Drawer

1) Multi-Way Bra

6 Bras Every Woman Should Have in her Lingerie Drawer

A bra that you should definitely invest in is a multi-way bra. It is the most functional because you can use the straps to wear it multiple ways underneath a variety of tops. Strapless, crisscross, one-strap, the options are endless! Multi-ways are also great to travel with because they save space in your suitcase! Soma Embraceable Strapless Multi Way Bra, $46

2) Long-line Bra

6 Bras Every Woman Should Have in her Lingerie Drawer

A new addition to lingerie, the long-line bra is the crop top of bras. Unlike traditional bras with bands that are an inch or two wide, long-line iterations extend farther down the torso for a retro feel. If you’re feeling bold, try pairing one under a blazer. Natori ‘Feathers’ Longline Underwire Bra, $76

3) Bralette

6 Bras Every Woman Should Have in her Lingerie Drawer

Bralettes are wireless bras with a bit more shape to them than a bandeau, and with a bit more sex appeal than a sports bra. Like the longline bra, they are great to lounge around in or pair with an oversized t-shirt, showing off a little for the imagination. Urban Outfitters Cory Bralette, $34

4) Cleavitz

6 Bras Every Woman Should Have in her Lingerie Drawer

While not necessarily a bra, Cleavitz is an undergarment designed to wear over your bra and under low-cut fashions. Cleavitz half top is seamless, hides your bra straps and is comfortable to wear. There’s no other layering accessory like it on the market, which is why you should stock up on these fun half camis immediately! Cleavitz Black Lace Half Cami, $39

5) T-shirt Bra

6 Bras Every Woman Should Have in her Lingerie Drawer

This is your everyday go-to bra. For a seamless, smooth look under your t-shirts and tanks, you should invest in a t-shirt bra. With it’s comfortable and flattering fit you will want to buy one in every color! Victoria’s Secret Perfect Shape Bra, $39.50

6) Sports Bra

6 Bras Every Woman Should Have in her Lingerie Drawer

Sports bras aren’t just for working out anymore, they make loungewear look even sexier! Sports bras nowadays come available in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from. If you have a small chest, go for minimum to medium support. Those who are a C cup or more should buy a sports bra with medium to maximum support. Victoria’s Secret Racerback Sport Bra, $32.50

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4 Steps to Soft, Kissable Lips this Valentine’s Day

4 Steps to Soft, Kissable Lips

No one wants to kiss dry, chapped lips this Valentine’s Day! Below, we have a step-by-step guide for soft, kissable lips for any time of the year.

1) Brown Sugar Scrub

4 Steps to Soft, Kissable Lips

The first step to kissable lips is exfoliation. To exfoliate your lips, mix a tablespoon of brown sugar with just enough coconut oil (or honey) to get it to stick together. Scrub this onto your lips, vigorously enough to loosen the dead skin. Let it sit for 1 minute, and then wipe off with a damp washcloth.

2) Apply a Moisturizer

4 Steps to Soft, Kissable Lips

After you scrub your lips, it’s important to apply a moisturizer right away to keep your lips from drying out. Try Amorepacific Moisture Bound Lip Treatment that locks in moisture for up to 8 hours.

3) Pick the Perfect Shade

4 Steps to Soft, Kissable Lips

Choose a shade that is right for your skin tone, not a shade that matches your outfit. Too many times I see women with a shade that doesn’t compliment their complexion. Here’s a quick guide on picking the right shade.

4) Use a Lip Brush

One of the things that will help your lipstick look it’s best is to use a lip brush to put on the lipstick instead of applying it directly from the tube. As we age we get small crevasses in our lips, when you use the lipstick from the tube the color lays on the top surface of the lips only. Using a brush allows the color to really get into the lip and helps it stay longer.

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6 Affordable Coats to Chicly Bundle up with this Winter

When it comes to finding affordable yet stylish winter coats that won’t wreak havoc on your wallet, the findings can be tough. Luckily we have done the research for you and have rounded up these chic and affordable winter coats:

1) Contemporary Hooded Longline Coat

This ox blood color is totally in for fall right now and the length of this coat is just the right amount to keep you warm for winter. Forever 21, $54.90.

2) CALVIN KLEIN Double-Breasted Wool-Blend Peacoat

Everyone needs a classic peacoat for winter. This Calvin Klein wool blend coat is under $100 and comes in six colors to choose from. Lord & Taylor, $99.

3) BCBG Faux Fur Trim Down Coat

If you live in a cold climate, a puffer coat is essential but finding one under $100 isn’t always easy. We looked around and found this chic BCBG Down Coat for $99.

4) Long Sleeve Coat

For the girl on the run, this long sleeve coat is perfect to throw on underneath a dress or work outfit. Who has time to button a coat these days? Zara, $99.90.

5) Battalion Bombshell Shearling Anorak

You might want to layer more than a bralette under this coat but it will keep you warm and dry for those rainy, snowy days. Nasty Gal, $98.

6) Faux-Fur Jacket w/Faux-Leather Trim, Jaguar Print

Animal print never goes out of style! Every woman should have at least one faux fur coat in her closet because of its luxe look. Via Spiga, $94.50.

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5 American Made Gifts to Buy in Made in America Month

Since 1985, December has been proclaimed as Made in America month! Buying American made products is making a comeback in 2015 and December is the ideal time to become aware of our own spending power. Not only does it help boost our economy, it creates tons of jobs as well. Here are some of our favorite products that are made in America and make great gifts for the holidays:

1) Savannah Bee Company

Specialty beauty products that deliver real benefits derived from treasured hive ingredients– beeswax, royal jelly, propolis, and honey. They even make their own honey and sell it online!

2) Cleavitz

All Cleavitz cami crop tops are made in NYC right in the heart of the Garment District. With 22 different styles and colors, this comfortable seamless cami hides bra straps while adding coverage without the bulk!

“As an entrepreneur, I knew I wanted Cleavitz to have the highest quality and craftsmanship so finding the right manufacturer to make my products in the USA was definitely an important factor”, stated Julie Crotty, CEO and Founder of Cleavitz.

3) J.W. Hulme Co.

Handcrafted, genuine leather goods all made in America. A leather briefcase for him or a chic metallic wallet for yourself, you’re sure to find gifts for everyone on your list at J.W. Hulme Co.

4) Nashelle

Personalized jewelry is all the rage these days and makes memorable gifts. Nashelle uses recycled 14k gold fill and sterling silver materials, as well as natural gemstones to make its jewelry in Bend, Oregon.

5) Swell Forever

A Forever Blanket® is remarkably unique and makes the perfect gift for someone who is cherished by you. Each blanket features a cotton fabric tag that can be personalized with the recipient’s name and any special message you wish to share. Talk about a gift from the heart!

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